- Unfinished products

Eurosystem manufactures any type of unfinished product for furniture, off-the-shelf, standardized, or supply contracts for its clients as well as third parties. It employs machineries with cutting edge technologies in the fields of sectioning, squaring, puncturing, pantographing, special processing, and packaging systems.
Eurosystem offers an array of services to better assist our clients in every phase of the project, from planning to the manufacturing of the finished product. It also provides a storage service, thus giving its clients flexibility in the logistical management of their orders.
Upon request, it is also possible to arrange a packaging service for unfinished products.
If nowadays we can boast a strong leadership in the marketplace, we owe it most of all to our human resources who have always operated with the utmost dedication, commitment, and competence and then to our clients who, with their requests, allowed us to grow in our professionalism and awareness toward their needs.

Examples of our production of unfinished items:

Shelf with a cut corner for wall units

Partition with a diagonal base


Detail of the base corner of a shelf


Side panel of a wall unit


Back panel of a wall unit 15


Detail of the side panel of a wall unit

- Doors


Eurosystem produces and distributes all over the Italian territory different types of edging using polyurethane adhesives as glueing and sealing systems.
It also manufactures for its clients customized doors employing the Just-In-Time inventory strategy.

Examples of our production of doors

Detail of the base corner of a molding


Detail of the corner of an assembly unit for ovens

- Kits

Examples of our production of kits

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