Through a path of constant growth, which made it a leader in the marketplace by offering products and services of the highest quality, Eurosystem has been provided with an integrated management system compliant with the ISO 9001 (Quality) and the ISO 14001 (Environment) standards and with a chain of custody management system compliant with the responsible forestry management standards certified by an accreditated independent organization. .


The Eurosystem’s Clients shall be at the center of our attention at all times. Our strategies, designed to guarantee always the satisfaction of their expectations, implicit or explicit that they may be, must depend on their needs. 
The market is a constant challenge and the relationships with the Client, with the suppliers, with the territory must be based on respect, commitment, and trust of all parties involved. For us, being entrepreneurs in the modern sense of the word means that we cannot separate the manufacturing of high quality products from a close attention to the environmental as well as the social sustainability of our activities.
Consistently with what was previously described, Eurosystem is determined to reach the following general objectives:
1. Secure the clients loyalty by making every effort to meet their needs
2. Increase the current market share
3. Create value in the territory
4. Pursue always the efficiency of the production processes and of the machineries as well as the environmental sustainability of our activities
5. Follow promptly all applicable rules and regulations
In support of the company’s objectives, the Management is committed to:
• fulfill promptly all of its obligations regarding compliance, including the regulatory prerequisites as well as other specific applicable prerequisites;
• make available all the resources necessary to maintain an integrated system of quality, environment and FSC® management according to the regulations UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, and FSC-STD-40-004 and to oversee its application via internal audits;
• allocate a portion of the human and financial resources to the analysis of the clients’ needs and to the pursuit of their satisfaction by implementing complaint analysis, problem prevention, and adoption of cutting edge technologies;
• optimize the machinery effectiveness and the ordinary maintenance in order to minimize the stoppage time due to breakdowns by replacing the obsolete machines and by optimizing their productivity;
• keep improving the company’s management system by analyzing all of the available relevant information (coming from the employees or from the outside) and by adopting any sustainable measure able to increase the products quality, the environmental performance, and the client’s satisfaction;
• report to the agencies in charge of people’s health and safety each and every occurrance that could endanger the people and the environment;
• implement all possible measures to prevent and/or reduce any type of pollution caused by our activities and be instrumental in the preservation of the environment;
• identify also those indirect environmental factors on which Eurosystem can have an effect by heeding new or planned developments and new or modified activities, products, and services;
• measure the effectiveness of each company’s process via appropriate statistical indicators whose results will be analyzed to highlight potential deficiencies and/or opportunities for improvement and to study possible actions and ways for implementation;
• boost the communications within the company in order to hold the employees responsible for the effects of their actions and for the risks concerning the health, the environment, and the personal safety.

Detailed goals, derived from the general objectives described in this company's Policy, are defined in specific company’s documents and they will be linked to measurable indicators.

The Management will examine the system’s adequacy and efficacy through periodic reviews of the results collected by the person in charge of quality, environment, and FSC® and through direct feedbacks.

The present document is posted inside the factory and it is available to the public and to the law enforcing authorities (asl, arpac, city hall, etc.) together with the defined objectives.

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